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Increase Sales & Leads
I'll show you how to increase sales with simple strategies that work.  The same strategies that I utilized to build a pipeline of leads, referrals and repeat clients. 
Grow Your Team Fast
See exactly how to setup a sales team and support staff with little money or no resources.  Also, how to resctructure and existing staff or sale team using effective management coaching strategies. 
Sales Performance
Sales Performance Metrics and KPI Calculator! I'll show you how to determine your key sales and customer satisfaction metrics. 
See how your business will improve its sales efficiency. 

Business Financing Strategies

How to fund a start up business or an existing business.  Traditional and non-traditional funding strategies.
Develop an understanding of how to use existing resources as an alternative financing means
Learn how to use alternative funding options before turning to investors and giving up equity. 
How to raise debt or equity capital using social media. 
Different sources to fund existing business operations. 
Most businesses fail because they fail to sell or to obtain financing.  Cash flow is King.  Without sales or adequate financing, you are bound to fail. Avoid the biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs make.
Have you felt frustrated with your staff and sales team?

Do you want yo increase sales at your company and don't know how?

Have you been on the verge of or about to launch a business, don't know where to start? 

I've been there
I’ve been there.
And let me tell you, Once I realized how the secrets of sales teams, business development and finacing, everything changed.

You wanna know what it is? Okay, here goes. Either you have simple strategies that focus on sales and finacing or you don't.  Nothing happens without sales and financing. Most businesses fail because they run out of cash !!
Gil is an international business trainer.  His areas of experise include business development, sales management and business financing. Gil and his companies have helped over 3,000 entrepreneurs in several countries take their business to the next level.
He started his career with a Boston based financing institution, John Hancock Financial.  Thereafter, he went on to a boutique shop in Miami's Financial District became one of the company's top performers in just one year.  After three years of working for other companies, Gil decided to venture off on his own and became a finance and tech entrepreneur.  He launched KGFA Capital in 2004 and later Lendinero in 2014.  He started both companies with minimal capital and utilized different sources to finance his own ventures.  He started both ventures without sales people and built sales teams for both companies with minimal cash.  In 2015, he launched his own outsourcing company offshore to serve his companies. 
Not only does Patrick have expertise as an entrepreneur, sales leader and sales management, but he also has a deep understanding of business financing.  His companies have been focused in assisting entrepreneurs and business owners with financing.  More recent, his sales team and advisors helped hundreds of businesses with PPP and EIDL financing.  

Gil has conducted countless seminars and workshops for business organizations including U.S. Small Business Administration micro-lending organizations, universitites and private businesses.  He has written and been featured in numerous publications to include entrepreneur magazine, Forbes Magazine, and other news mediums.  Gil has numerous college degrees and attended executive courses at Harvard Business School. 
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